Natural Reflections Salon

My mission

is to provide excellence, satisfaction and relaxation at every appointment; To provide a private space during your time here and offer services that will ensure longevity in your hair with as few chemicals as possible; To support the community by offering goods made locally for you to take home without breaking your budget and without impacting the environment.

See what they’re saying.

I have had my hair done by Mel on many occasions over the years. As a man, I notice such an incredible difference with her when I get my haircut versus a box store salon. I find her prices to be very reasonable, especially for the quality of haircut you get.  She also has a very nice salon in great location in Kirkland. This most recent haircut I got from her was incredible. I have had so many compliments! Thanks Mel!

The hair color she used was like nothing I’ve ever had on my hair (and I have a very long history with hair color!) – usually my hair goes completely flat and limp for a few weeks after being colored. I had none of that after she colored it AND it didn’t knock me over with the chemical color smell. She also got me hooked on the Loma hair care products she uses – not only non toxic, but LOCAL to where we live! I’m generally pretty neglectful of my hair, but the amazing job she did inspired me to start taking a little better care of my lovely new locks. I’ve been using the Loma nourishing oil religiously – my hair has never been in better condition. (AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD.) Weeks and weeks later, I continue to get compliments on the color.

Melissa is AMAZING at what she does. I’ve always gone to bigger hair salons – there’s a HUGE, positive difference in the experience of going to someone who is doing their own thing. I have so much respect for what she’s created for herself, it was a joy spending time with her in that space and letting her work her magic. The space she works in at Mosaic is awesome, I dig the personal vibe and really like not being on display in the middle of a room or in front of windows while I sit looking NOT my best during the process!! I have never been so consistently happy walking out of a hair appointment, every single time, as I am since going to Melissa.